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Plan Your Next Beach Vacation With Benidorm All-Inclusive Holidays

Plan your next beach vacation with Benidorm all-inclusive holidays

Situated in the eastern part of Spain, close to the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm was a fishing village that turned into one of the popular vacation spots in Europe. The city of Benidorm is known to have the highest number of highrise buildings per capita all over the world. Surrounded by an azure sea and golden sand, Benidorm is the ideal vacation destination for those looking to have some fun either with family or friends.

Plan Your Next Beach Vacation With Benidorm All-Inclusive Holidays
With amusement parks and a glitzy nightlife, this Spanish city offers a whole lot of excitement for the perfect holiday.

The boom of Benidorm all-inclusive holidays has made this destination a favorite among vacationers. The city has a combination of old-world charm and glitz and glamour. Benidorm Old Town still retains the essence of the fishing village roots of the city. The pubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, resorts, and hotels that offer a taste new-age glitz with happening nightlife. If you are looking for a short break, head to Benidorm. If you are looking for something that is hassle-free, Benidorm all-inclusive holidays are the perfect choice to help you unwind.

Here are a few essential things to know if you want to go for a Benidorm all-inclusive holiday package.

Which are the most popular Benidorm all-inclusive holidays?

  • Marconfort Essence: This is an all-inclusive holiday exclusively for adults. It is located close to the popular Levante beach and the promenade. This hotel has two outdoor swimming pools, a whirlpool, regular live music, and Wi-Fi. This all-inclusive hotel also offers dancing lessons to its guests.
  • MedPlaya Regente: This is the perfect place for Benidorm all-inclusive holidays for families. The ambiance of the resort is pleasant and friendly with a free-form swimming pool and a split-level terrace.
  • Hotel Flamingo Oasis: Located at about a 15-minute walk from the Levante Beach, this hotel is known for its fun activities, and great entertainment shows such as West-End style shows. The hotel has a lagoon pool that has been highly rated by guests. The hotel has adult-only rooms as well as rooms for families and a kids’ club that host activities exclusively for kids.

What makes Benidorm holidays popular?

  • Golden beaches with blue Mediterranean waters not only offer amazing views but also offer tourists the opportunity to indulge in watersports as well as relax.
  • All the popular beaches are located close to all the Benidorm all-inclusive holiday resorts. So, anyone who stays in Benidorm all-inclusive holiday resorts or hotels can enjoy the fun activities at the various beaches.
  • Evenings and nights at Benidorm are quite high on entertainment.
  • Activities include cabaret nights, magic shows, acrobats, and DJs.
  • Visitors can get a taste of old-world Spain in this city with its medieval castle and quaint tapas bars.

Are there any Benidorm all-inclusive holidays only for adults?

  • Benidorm all-inclusive holidays for adults include resorts and hotels that provide a child-free environment.
  • The age limit for such resorts is 16 years.
  • Benidorm all-inclusive holidays for adults are ideal for couples looking for short and tranquil romantic getaways.
  • Most such hotels and resorts do not accept stag and hen groups.
  • However, there might be few Benidorm all-inclusive holidays for adults that might accept groups, but with a cash deposit per person.

When is the best time to holiday in Benidorm?

  • Benidorm has an annual climate that is equivalent to an eternal summer.
  • The summer months are warm and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. Summer lasts from May to October.
  • The temperatures go down in January, and it rains during October.
  • To enjoy Benidorm, the time to visit is in the middle of summer when the temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius. During this time, visitors can enjoy all the best activities of Benidorm’s all-inclusive holidays.
  • August is the perfect time to visit the beaches of Benidorm.
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